Hourly rate – ‘Pay as you go’ is perfect for the client who just wants a single task done (letters, memos, resumes etc.)


or part thereof


Retainer rate – For the client who wants more than just a one-off or one-time execution of tasks and involves support on a more regular and dedicated basis. Hours can be reserved in advance.



Project rate – Should the client require full-time support for projects that may need to be completed over a period of time, a fixed cost can be discussed and agreed upon.

Should there be a specific deadline for the project that may require extra hours, an additional cost may be incurred for continual work done on Saturday and/or Sunday, and again can be discussed and agreed upon should the need arise.



*Please note:

All general telephone, email, printing and stationery costs are included in the above rates. However, should an assignment result in high or unexpected costs, it will be added to the rate agreed upon. This additional cost includes things such as multiple prints/copies of documents (negotiable depending on the size of the document), binding of documents/reports etc. Given that these costs are usually foreseeable, they can be agreed upon at the initiation of the contract.


    • A minimum fee of 1 hour will be charged for all assignments, after which the client will be billed for every subsequent hour or part thereof of work undertaken.
    • Unless otherwise agreed, a deposit of 50% will be required on all assignments with a quotation value of over $500 before work can commence. Otherwise, full payment will be required on completion of the work.
    • Payment can be made in cash or by cheque/banker’s draft.
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