Booking/Completion of Work

    • Before any assignment is undertaken, a signed agreement* will be required between Elle Graphic Design and the client. If a client’s original requirements change, an amended agreement will be provided, following consultation with the client. (Please note that quotations can also be provided to prospective clients).
    • The client is ultimately responsible for final proof reading of all documents for correctness. Any amendments will be made free of charge, if notified within 24 hours.
    • Elle Graphic Design accepts no liability for any legal consequences relating to the end use of any document produced by us. Clients are solely responsible for the legal and ethical content and correctness of the material. Elle Graphic Design reserves the right to reject work which it believes is of illegal or immoral content.
    • Completed work will be submitted in the format agreed with the client, at the time of initiation of the agreement. Back-up copies (electronic/hard copy) of all completed assignments, will be kept on a client’s file for a period of one year. After that time they will be deleted.
        • * Pertains to services retained for over 48 hours.


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